Workshop Repair Services

With a wealth of experience and expertise, FLUIDCHEM repair and recondition almost every type and size of manual valve, control valve and actuator. Our capabilities range from small regulators to large bore ball, butterfly, triple offset valves and steam conditioning control valves with all the expertise that is required to assure all customer requirements are fulfilled.

Your valves, actuators and positioners are fully repaired and reconditioned in our workshop in direct collaboration with your inspection management. All OEM wear and replacement parts as well as seals and packings are used to bring your process equipment back to original condition. A complete range of machining facilities is at our disposal to perform any rework required for seat and control faces.

Qualified specialist technicians and engineers are available to machine the complete components to ensure that it passes final inspection for efficient, thorough processing.

Valve types we repair and recondition (any brand, size or type)

Safety Valves / Control Valves
Automatic Recirculation Valve (ARC)
Coker Ball Valves (4 Way)
HP and LP Bypass Valves
Boiler Feed Pump Valves
Boiler Outlet Valves
Drum Safety Valves
Cryogenic Valves
Turbine and Boiler Valves
Gate / Globe / Swing Check Valves
Ball Valves / Butterfly Valves / Forged Steel Valves
Knife Gate Valves / Plug Valves
All other valves not mentioned above

Routine Valve Repair Services Include

Strip and clean
Sand / Shot blast
Seat welding repairs
Seat grinding & lapping
Hydrostatic body test
Seat leakage test
Spray painting
In house inspection and acceptance
End user final acceptance test (FAT)

Additional Services

Mounting of actuators to valves
Mounting of positioners to actuators
Calibration of positioners