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Downloading Data and Software

FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd accepts no responsibility for any errors contained in data or software which can be downloaded from this Web site. Software is checked for viruses by FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd. Nonetheless we recommend that data and software always be checked for viruses after downloading using the latest anti-virus software.

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It is not possible to guarantee that information or personal data communicated to us will not be intercepted by third parties.


FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd does not accept liability for damage, and specifically not for direct or indirect consequential damage, loss of data, loss of profit, system or production breakdowns arising from the use of Web site or the downloading of data. This disclaimer does not apply in the event of damage arising from the use of these Internet pages or the downloading of data if this is due to malicious intent or gross negligence. The legal relationship established between you and FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd through the use of Web site is subject to the laws of India. The head office of FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd in Vasai is the place of jurisdiction for any disputes with registered traders arising out of the use of these Internet pages.

Data Protection

FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd seeks to promote user confidence in the Web and therefore lays out its policy of handling personal information. A description of what information is collected and how it is handled, is given below.

Notes on Data Protection

As a rule, you will be able to access all Internet pages of FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd without providing any personal information. In those specific cases where you need to enter your name, your address or other personal data, you will first be notified thereof. Your personal user data is used to allow the service of FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd to be organized as attractively as possible and to allow for further improvements.

Should you decide to transmit personal data over the Internet to FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd for correspondence or ordering purposes, this data will then be handled in strict compliance.

Whenever a user accesses Web site FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd receives user data, which is stored for security purposes and may allow user identification (e.g., IP address, date, time and pages viewed). This data is analyzed by FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd in order to gain an insight into the user behavior and to compile statistics. We reserve the right to proceed with the statistical analysis of anonymous data records.

Forwarding personal information to third parties Should FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd be required by law or court order to disclose your data, it will do so only to the extent required and to the bodies entitled to receive such data.

For other purposes FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd will communicate your data to third parties only with your express consent.


FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd stores your data on specially protected servers in INDIA. The data can only be accessed by a few persons, authorized by FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd who are responsible for the technical, commercial or editorial maintenance of the servers.

Right of revocation

If you request FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd not to use your personal data for further contacts and/or to delete the data, we will act accordingly. Data that is essential for order handling or for commercial purposes will not be affected by cancellation or deletion.
Please note that in the event of revocation, personalized service can no longer be provided as it is based on the use of customer data.

Links to Other Websites

The web pages of FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd may or may not contain links to other Web sites. FLUIDCHEM Valves (I) Pvt Ltd has no influence on the editorial content of these web pages and on compliance with the data protection provisions by their operators.