Forged Steel Globe Valves

  • Description

    FLUIDCHEM’s Forged Steel Globe Valves are suitable for high pressure applications having compact design and are manufactured as per API 602. They are perfect for small Pipelines up to 50NB. These Globe Valves come with a choice of Threaded or Socket Weld ends. The Hard Faced Trim material guarantees faultless Sealing and durability. They are perfectly machined and are provided with a Lapped Back Seat so that the Gland Packing in stream can be replaced and / or repacked; when the Valve is in full open position so that it is highly safe, and cost-effective.

    FLUIDCHEM’s compact design Globe Valves are manufactured in a wide-ranging materials like Forged Carbon Steel in compliance to A105, Forged Alloy Steel like LF2, F11, F22; F51 and Forged Stainless Steel like F304, F304L, F316 and F-316L. The sizes available are from 15NB through 50NB and pressure rating from ASME 800# through 2500#.

Salient Features

Body & Bonnet made from high quality forging. The Forgings are precision machined for high performance
Leak Proof Body-Bonnet Joint With Spiral Wound Gasket
Rising Stem & Rising Hand Wheel Construction.
Ground Finish Stem
Self Aligning Two Piece Gland
Die moulded Graphite (Grafoil) Packing Rings, controlled clearance between stem, gland and bonnet bushing for guaranteed low emissions and also suitable for higher temperature.
Precision Stem Packing Chamber
Deep stuffing box is providing for tightness and maximum long packing life.
Swinging Eye Bolts facilitate easy access to the stuffing box.
Back seating feature facilitates repacking of the stuffing box on line with the valve in fully open position.
Stellited Disc, Seat Ring & Back Seat can also be offered on special request.


    Technical Data

  • Size Range:

    Size: 15mm to 50mm- Class: 800#
    Size: 15mm to 40mm- Class: 1500#
    Size: 15mm to 25mm- Class: 2500#

  • Pressure Rating:

    ASA Class 800# / 1500# / 2500#

  • Operation:

    Manual (Hand Wheel)

  • Port Opening:

    Full / Regular









    Material Of Construction

  • Body and Bonnet Material:

    A 105 / A 182 F 304/316 / A 182 F 304L /
    3016L / A 182 F 11/22

  • Trims Material:

    CS + Cr 13% [SS 410]/ A 105 / A 182 F 304/316 /
    A 182 F 304L/3016L / A 182 F 11/22

  • Gasket Material:

    P.T.F.E. / Graphite Asbestos /
    SPW SS With Graphite Filled

  • Gland Packing Material:

    Grafoil / braided Asbestos / P.T.F.E.

  • Hand Wheel Material:

    S.G. Iron / Ductile Iron

  • Fasteners:

    CS / B7 / 2H / SS 304 / SS 316





    Design And Manufacturing Standard

  • Valve Design:

    BS 5352

  • Pressure Testing:

    API 598 / BS 6755 Part I

  • Face to Face:

    ANSI B 16.10

  • Butt Weld End:

    ANSI B 16.25

  • Socket Weld End:

    ANSI B 16.11

  • Screwed End:

    ANSI B 1.20.1 (BSP / NPT)

  • Inspection:

    3rd Party / Client / Manufacturer