Basket Type Strainer

  • Description

    FLUIDCHEM's Basket Type Strainers allow a wide range of fluids to be strained and filtered and hold solid components of almost any size. They are all conveniently retractable and easy-to-clean baskets. Basket Strainers elements can be offered in single cylinder, double cylinder, multi cylinder & pleated design depending upon requirement of application. These basket strainers are constructed of filter housing, filter element supported with perforated cage, positive sealing arrangement to avoid any bypass and choice of end connections.


    Petrochemical Industries & Refinery Project
    Chemical Industries
    Power Plants
    Sugar Industries
    Pulp & Paper Mill

    Cement Plant
    Pharmaceutical Industries
    Air Conditioning
    Fertilizer Plants
    Allied Industries


Bolted body with cover
Easy Removable filtering element
Low pressure drop across the filter
Low cost – Initial as well as service cost
Adequate strength of element and housing
Protect expensive Pumps. Meters Heat Exchangers, Valve, Spray Nozzle, Regulators etc.
Remove foreign particles, lumps, debris
Top removal of screen with a lifting handle arrangement
Baskets made from heavy gauge perforated stainless steel lined with wire mesh
Large basket size holds sufficient solids for the required time between clean-outs
Interchangeability of component with another of same type.
Wire mesh up to 5 Micron
All types of strainer supplier
Tailor made screen on request


    Technical Data

  • Size Range:

    40MM to 800MM

  • Type:

    Basket Type Strainer

  • Pressure Rating:

    ASA Class 150# / 300#





    Material Of Construction

  • Body and Cover Material:

    Cast Iron / WCB / SS304 / SS316

  • Mesh (Element) Material:

    SS304 / SS316 / SS304L / SS316L

  • Fasteners:

    CS / B7 / 2H / SS 304 / SS 316





    Design And Manufacturing Standard

  • Design Std:

    ASME 16.34 / ASME Section VIII

  • Pressure Testing:

    API 598

  • Face to Face:

    Manufacturers Standard

  • Flange Drilling:

    ANSI B 16.5 / BS 10 Table / DIN / IS 6392



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