At FLUIDCHEM, we value strong partnerships and are actively seeking dealers who share our passion for valves and valve maintenance solutions. If you are interested in becoming a dealer and joining our global network, we offer a vast range of benefits and support to ensure your success.

Partner with FLUIDCHEM and seize the opportunity to expand your business and deliver valve maintenance equipment to your customers. We are committed to providing you with the support, resources, and training you need to succeed as our dealer.

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Agents Network

If you are an independent sales agent dealing in flow control industry or are aspiring to become a sales agent, you can join our rapidly growing agent network and leverage the benefit of FLUIDCHEM’s exquisite product and services portfolio. We offer exciting commission models as well as special rewards and offers to our agents.

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FLUIDCHEM has over 30 years of valve maintenance excellence. We have not only supplied valve maintenance equipment and repaired millions of valves over the years, we have also successfully developed valve maintenance workshops for our customers. With our in-depth knowledge and experience in valve maintenance field, you can leverage our experience to start your own valve maintenance business.

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Our training course covers maintenance and operation of gate, globe, ball, plug, check, and special-purpose valves, actuators and various other accessories. We explains valve selection based on application and material and describes methods of protecting your piping systems too. This course has no prerequisites. Valve Maintenance course is available in online and offline (book) formats.

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Collaboration & Joint Ventures

FLUIDCHEM has developed an excellent manufacturing capability that is spread across multiple locations. Our infrastructure, coupled with our skilled and experienced engineers, design facilities, huge network of raw material suppliers and strict quality assurance deliver high-quality valves and valve accessories at a large scale with shorter turnaround. We invite valve manufacturers from across the world to partner with us and take advantage of our capabilities.

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Valves or Portable Machine Dealerships

If you are a valves or portable machine manufacturer outside India and are looking for a partner/dealer to offer your products to industries in India, look no further. FLUIDCHEM has built a growing client base across variety of industries such as oil and gas, process industry, pharma, cement, power plant, dairy, water treatment, sugar, chemical manufacturing, HVAC etc. We can be a valuable partner for you to gain access to amazing opportunities in the Indian market.

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Valve Maintenance Support

If you are an organization that is already present in India and is looking for a reliable valve maintenance and repair partner for your after sales service support, FLUIDCHEM can help you! With over 30 years of valve maintenance experience, we have solved every possible problem with valves, including in-situ repairs, valve modification, factory repair, valve refurbishment, etc. Our customers trust us with passion when it comes to their valve repair needs.

We can be a crucial cog in your support operations. Contact us now to understand how we can be the support partner you have been looking for!