Foot Valve

  • Description

    FLUIDCHEM’s Foot Valves are widely used by water supply authorities, municipal corporations, irrigation authorities, sugar industries and other industrial users. Our Foot Valves are designed, manufactured and tested as per IS: 4038 standards. FLUIDCHEM’s Foot valves are known for their efficacy and affordability.


    Installed in suction side of pump to avoid reverse flow from pump to sump, in order to maintain pump priming. It is also suitable for having clear water.


  • Size Range:

    50mm to 300mm

  • Type:

    Foot Valve (Lift Type)

  • Body:

    Cast Iron

  • Trims:

    Gun Metal

  • Seat:

    Gun Metal

  • Cover:

    Cast Iron

  • Net:

    Cast Steel



  • Bolt & Nut:


  • Packing:


  • Purported Net:

    Mild Steel / Stainless Steel



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