Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How will FLUIDCHEM’s Portable Valve Grinding and Lapping Machine benefit my plant?

Answer : Removing a leaking valves and sending it to a workshop for repairing is an expensive and time consuming process. FLUIDCHEM’s In-Situ Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines allows your valves to be lapped in-situ, hence reducing downtime and costs incurred in material replacement, transportation, logistics and labour. In comparison with conventional manual lapping techniques, we are able to reduce the lapping time up to 90%. Our machines are designed and manufactured to provide maintenance engineers with a perfectly functioning equipment and companies with a profitable investment.

Question: Is it really portable and useful like you say?

Answer : FLUIDCHEM’s In-Situ Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines are used where the valve are! The grinding equipment is fitted directly on the valve housing and can be used manually, pneumatically or electrically (230V). They can be used regardless of the make of valves, width or hardness of body seat, regardless of valve position at site (horizontal or vertical), and regardless of pressure class (ASA 150# to ASA 4500#). All our lapping machines are designed for operational compatibility and are ideal for work carried out in the field, workshops and in confined and not easily accessible places. So yes, our machines are really portable and useful.

Question: Is it cost effective?

Answer : Yes. If you consider the number of leaking valves this machine will repair, it will on an average pays for “itself” in just 1-2 shutdowns based on the volume of valves you repair. Not to mention, the convenience of having a portable valve lapping machine at your disposal during emergency breakdowns is immense.

Question Do you provide training support after we have purchased your machines?

Answer : Once you have purchased our machines, you have three options for product training:
1. At our factory in Vasai, India (which will be free of cost)
2. At your own facility or jobsite (This will be on chargeable basis). Please contact us for its charges.
3. Training videos can be sent through email on request.

Question: What type of valves is FLUIDCHEMs Portable Valve Lapping Machine suitable for?

Answer : Our Portable Valve Lapping Machines are suitable for:
1. *Gate Valves / Parallel Slide Valves, Size Range: 15mm to 1800mm
2. Globe Valves (Flat Seat), Size Range: 10mm to 1600mm
3. Globe Valves (Conical Seat), Size Range: 10mm to 350mm
4. Safety Valves, Size Range: 10mm to 350mm
Note: *Gate Valve Lapping Machines can also be used on Swing Check Valves with a separate adapter.

Question: What are the consumables required to be used with these machines?

Answer : The following consumables are required with these machines depending on the type and pressure class of valves:-
1. Self Adhesive Papers / Sheets (Grits Available: 60, 80, 120, 220, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000)
2. CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) Discs (Click here for more details).
3. Silicon Carbide Lapping Paste (Click here for more details).
4. Boron Carbide Lapping Paste (Click here for more details).
5. Diamond Lapping Paste (Click here for more details).

Question: In case we require consumables on a short notice, are they readily available?

Answer : Yes. We have a large inventory of Self Adhesive Abrasive Papers / Sheets, Silicon Carbide Lapping Compound, Diamond Lapping Paste and Boron Carbide Lapping Paste readily available with us at all times. However lead time for CBN Discs is usually 2 to 3 weeks from the date of receipt of confirmed order.

Question: I work in Maintenance. Our budget is always shrinking and we are constantly pressed to reduce expenses. Why would I want to spend our limited resources on this tool?

Answer : Our Portable Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines has been proven to be a boon to various industries, be it in case of maintenance of valve during plant shutdowns or in case of new valve manufacturing. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:
1. FLUIDCHEM’s In-Situ Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines are suitable for all make and class of valves and are available for gate valves, parallel slide valve, check valves, globe valves and safety valves in standard dimensions from size 15mm to 1800mm (visit our Product Page for more details).
2. It can be used regardless of width or hardness of seat, regardless of position-horizontal or vertical, regardless of valve design
3. It eliminates the need for transport, hence saves on time and cost to the company.
4. Our valve lapping machines helps in undertaking critical and high precision lapping jobs with ease, without compromising on quality.
5. Our machine cuts down valve lapping time by upto 90% as compared to other conventional lapping methods.
6. The machine pays for itself after only few grinding operations!
So whether you a plant maintenance engineer, valve servicing company or a valve manufacturer, our machines are useful and effective in all cases.

Question: What are the advantages of your product if compared to other popular products/brands available in the global market?

Answer : The main difference between FLUIDCHEM and other manufacturers is our attention to detail from a user point of view. We design machines that we want to use for valve maintenance ourselves. There aren't many machine manufacturers that use their own products every day. We know our machines are good because we repair valves for customers every day with our In-Situ Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines in multiple locations (like many of our customers do).

Our designs are the result of years of practical experience and feedback from various end users. All our machines are designed to be user friendly and cost effective to companies. Our machines are built with less parts which makes them more affordable, easy to use at site, easy to maintain as compared to other complex and yet ineffective machines available in the market. We at FLUIDCHEM have developed machines which are built tough so they can stand up to years of use.

Question: Where can I get installation, operation and maintenance information?

Answer : All new FLUIDCHEM Portable Valve Lapping Machines are shipped with a Technical Manual that contains information on Installation, Operation and Maintenance for the machines. This manual is based on the model and size purchased by you. You can also email us directly asking for a copy of the Technical Manual if you have misplaced the original copy.

Question: What are the different valve repairing services you offer?

Answer : We at FLUIDCHEM offer the following services:-
- Annual Rate Contracts for all types of Valves.
- Routine repair and maintenance of valves during outages / turnarounds.
- In-Situ Valves Repairing & Testing during Annual Turn Around.
- Shut down and emergency valves maintenance.
- Workshop repair and testing.
- In-Situ Lapping of high pressure valves using FLUIDCHEM make In-Situ Lapping Machines.
- Remanufacturing valve trim parts such as spindles, valve body seats, wedges/discs, and plug and seat rings.

Question: Why FLUIDCHEM for Valve Repairing / Reconditioning / Overhauling?

Answer :
- More than 18 years of experience in In-Situ Valve repairing for customers across India in all major industries.
- More than 35 years of experience in manufacturing and designing In-Situ Valve Lapping Machines, which are used in valve maintenance across sectors.
- We have complete range of In-Situ Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines (multiple machines covering size range ½” to 72”) in ready stock at all times for immediate mobilization during emergency shutdowns.
- Experienced workforce of more than 150+ skilled technicians.
- Minimal interruptions to your manufacturing process.
- You can have all of your Valves repaired at once, or schedule them throughout the year.

Question: What are the types of valves FLUIDCHEM can repair?

Answer : FLUIDCHEM repairs and reconditions almost any size, type and make of valve, in-situ, on-site, at our factory and on budget.
- Gate / Globe / Swing Check Valves
- Ball Valves / Butterfly Valves / Forged Steel Valves
- Knife Gate Valves / Plug Valves
- Safety Valves / Control Valves
- Turbine and Boiler Valves
- Automatic Recirculation Valve (ARC)
- Switch Type Coker Ball Valves (4 Way)
- HP and LP Bypass Valves
- Boiler Feed Pump Valves
- Boiler Outlet Valves
- Drum Safety Valves
- Cryogenic Valves
- All other valves not mentioned above

Question: How many skilled technicians do you have?

Answer : FLUIDCHEM can simultaneously participate in around six to eight major shutdowns a month, plus at the same time we can undertake a number of valve repair jobs at our factory too. All this is possible because we have a team of about 50+ full time skilled technicians and over 150+ skilled contract workers at our disposal at all times.

Question: Does FLUIDCHEM take on valve repair jobs from outside India?

Answer : At the moment we undertake valve repair job across India only.

Question: How is FLUIDCHEM better than other valve repairing companies present in the market?

Answer : We are in valve maintenance business since 2007, having a big team of factory-trained valve engineers and skilled technicians. Our engineers and technicians on an average have an experience of more than 20 years, and what they know about valves and maintenance comes in handy when you are having problem with a leaking valve.

Question: What is Pipe Beveling?

Answer : Pipe Beveling is a process where an angle is formed between the edge of the end of a pipe. When the pipe end is formed with a certain degree of an angle, it is called a beveled end. Pipe Beveling is an essential step in the welding preparation process of pipe joining.

Question: How to bevel a pipe?

Answer : There are many different ways to bevel a pipe but the easiest way to bevel a pipe is with the use of a pipe beveling machine. This is the best, safest and most accurate solution to bevel a pipe.

Question: Why choose FLUIDCHEM’s Pipe Beveling Machine?

Answer :
1. FLUIDCHEM’s portable pipe beveling machines are many times faster than other methods such as hand grinding, flame cutting, manual hand held bevelers, or loading the pipe onto a lathe machine.
2. High quality weld prep.
3. Consistent repeatable quality is achieved after every operation.
4. High productivity is achieved because of the speed of the machine.
5. Eliminates ergonomic issues from operator handling hand tools.
6. Quick, light and easy to set up and use.
7. Less noise / dust and no sparks.
8. Easily bevels stainless steel and other materials not suitable for torching
9. Special forms such as J-bevels are easily produced.
10. Can be operated by a non-skilled operator once it is setup.

Question: What are the benefits of buying a FLUIDCHEM Pipe Beveling Machine?

Answer : When you purchase a FLUIDCHEM Pipe Beveling Machine, you are investing in a pipe beveling machine that focuses on quality, and it is this quality that will make your life easier. Your employees can work with more planning since these tools create precise and consistent cuts while also being light in weight and portable. As such, these bevelers can be taken anywhere with the configuration of your choice. Further, these bevelers can be used by a single operator, allowing work processes to function better than ever. These portable pipe machining products are capable of handling tasks in the shop and out in the field as well, making all welding prep quick and simple, as it should be.

Question: What is a standard pipe bevel angle?

Answer : 37.5 degrees is the most common angle used for pipes edge preparation. However tools with different angles (15 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree or any other angle) can be provided if required. Other angles and special forms such as V-bevel / J-shape / U-shape can also be created with FLUIDCHEM’s Pipe Beveling Machines.

Question: Is it difficult to setup your Pipe Beveling Machine?

Answer : One of the major benefits of choosing a FLUIDCHEM Pipe Beveling Machine as compared to other brands that are available in the market is the ease with which it can be assembled on a pipe. Not only our Pipe Beveling Machines are easy and fast to use, they are incredibly easy when it comes to the setup process as well.

Question: What is the Size Range of your Pipe Beveling Machines?

Answer : FLUIDCHEM’s Pipe Beveling Machines are available in 3 types.
1. ID Mounted Pipe Beveling Machines , Size 20mm to Size 600mm
2. OD Mounted Panel Facers, Size 8mm to Size 76mm
3. OD Mounted Pipe Beveling Machines from Size 8mm to Size 60mm.

Question: Is it possible to see demo of Pipe Beveling Machines at your factory?

Answer : Yes, we always keep some ID and OD Mounted Pipe Beveling Machines at our factory for demo purpose. Contact us for more information.

Question: What are the types of valves FLUIDCHEM manufacture?

Answer : We manufacture Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Forged Steel Valves, Wafer Check Valves and Strainers. For more details on each product and their application, please visit the Industrial Valve Page on this website or contact our office.

Question: Do you have testing facility?

Answer : Yes we have three purpose-built valve testing machines which allow us to efficiently perform hydrostatic tests on buttweld, flanged, screwed and socket-weld end valves of all sizes and pressure classes. Our largest machine can easily accommodates flanged end valves upto 16", Class 300#.

Question: What certificates / documents does FLUIDCHEM provide with each supply?

Answer : We provide following documents along with each supply:
Chemical Test Certificates from government approved laboratory.
Internal Test Certificate (Hydro TC)
Approved QAPs (If any)
Approved GA drawings
Warranty Certificate
*Physical Test Certificate
Note: *Physical Test Certificate must be requested at the time of placing the order. Extra charges may apply.

Question: What is FLUIDCHEM’s standard warranty policy?

Answer : We warranty our product against any manufacturing defect for a period of 12 months from the date of commission and 18 months from the date of supply whichever is earlier.

Question: Do you accept third party inspection?

Answer : We accept and encourage third party inspections for all our products.

Question: Can you supply IBR Valves?

Answer : We can supply IBR Approved Valves through our sister concern. Please contact us for more details.

Question: Is FLUIDCHEM privately owned?

Answer : Yes FLUIDCHEM is a privately owned Indian company that has been manufacturing and supplying valve maintenance equipment since 1988 and industrial valves since 2008

Question:. Where are you located?

Answer : Our head office and factories are conveniently located in the industrial area of Vasai, India.

Question: Which all certificates are available with FLUIDCHEM?

Answer : FLUIDCHEM has the following certificates:
a. ISO 9001 : 2015
d. CE
e. Crisil Rated

Question: I have a question about one of your product / services..

Answer : Visit the Products / Service Section on this Website to find a list of many of our products. If you still can’t find the product / service you want, please contact FLUIDCHEM’s sales team.

Question: Do you sell directly?

Answer : Yes, in cases where we don’t have an active distributor / dealer in any area, we sell directly. Contact us for more detail.

Question: Do you sell internationally?

Answer : Yes. We have exported our products to over 35+ Countries so far. We also have authorized overseas distributors in some countries and in countries where we don’t have any distributor / agent, we sell directly. Contact us for more detail

Question: How do I find a FLUIDCHEM distributor near me?

Answer : If we get an inquiry from a country where we already have a distributor / agent, we will forward your inquiry and contact details to them for further correspondence. You can even contact us directly to know if there are any distributors in your country or not.

Question: How can I get information on purchasing?

Answer : Need help with the following:
Pricing and Delivery on a FLUIDCHEM product?
Product Information?
Returning a product?
Consumables availability?
Obtaining a shipment tracking number?
Order number?
Order status?

Contact our sales team and we will get back to you in most cases within a few hours and at the very least by the next working day.