Wafer Check Valves

  • Description

    FLUIDCHEM’s Wafer Check Valves are primarily single plate swing check valve with a short pattern wafer body conforming to the API6D and ASME B16.10 face to face dimensions. The valve has a simple but reliable and robust construction. The low inertia disc design enables the valve to open or close with a very low differential pressure which make them ideal for services operating under low differential pressures.

    The valve is ideal for pump discharge duties. The eccentric mounted hinge pin in combination with the disc seat guarantees a positive shut off of the returning media.

    The short face to face dimensions and low weight allows a simple space saving installation between the mating companion flanges. The valves are suitable for mounting between weld neck or slip on type companion flanges of different standards.


    FLUIDCHEM’s Wafer Check Valves are ideally suitable for horizontal application in oil, gas, water, refining, power and chemical applications where the prevention of flow reversal is mandatory.


    Technical Data

  • Size Range:

    Size: 40mm to 800mm

  • Temperature Range:

    -46°C to +425°C

  • Pressure Rating:

    ASA 150# / 300# / PN10 / PN16

  • End Connection:

    Wafer Type, Flangeless,
    Suitable To Mount Between Class 150 Flanges



    Material Of Construction

  • Body Material:

    CI / WCB [CS] / CF8 [SS 304] /
    CF8M [SS 316] / CF3M [SS 316L]

  • Disc Material:

    MS / SS304 / SS 316

  • Seat Material:

    EPDM / Nitrile / Neoprene / PTFE





    Design And Manufacturing Standard

  • Valve Design:

    API 6D

  • Pressure Testing:

    API 598

  • Face to Face:

    API 6D

  • Mounting Between:

    ANSI B 16.5 / BS 10 Table /
    DIN / IS 6392



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