For more than 25 years, FLUIDCHEM, an independent Indian company, is focused on design,manufacturing, assembling and testing of high performance and custom-made valve maintenance equipment, as well as industrial valves, for petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear and other industries, with demanding requirements and 100% quality assurance. Today, we rank amongst the leading suppliers for portable valve maintenance equipment worldwide. Additionally, our company also provides full on-site valve maintenance / overhauling work, pipe bevelling services and supply Pipe Bevelling Machines too.

To open new markets in Europe, America and other places where we are not already represented (please contact us for more details) we are interested to create a strong partnership with agents, dealers and distributors.

The new representative must have experience in selling special equipment, machines and other industrial items, dedicated to power plants, nuclear power projects, petrochemical, fertilizer and chemical, paper and pulp industry, heavy engineering,and various allied sectors.

A thorough sector knowledge about valves and valve maintenance sector is better but not mandatory. We are more looking for generalist process specialists able to sell custom made equipment while also able to detect the customer implicit needs.

We are also open for any kind of marketing tie-ups and joint ventures in India and abroad as well.

If you are interested please contact, Mr Azhar Hawa at (Mobile: +91-9820200818 - Office: +91-250-2390012 / 2391053)