Valve Repairing And Maintenance Services

FLUIDCHEM is one of the leading Industrial Valve Repairers based in Vasai (Maharashtra) with modern state-of-the-art equipment to repair any make, type and size of Industrial Valves. We provide a variety of customized Valve Repairing services both on-site at customer's installations and at our workshop. We repair, recondition and rebuilt Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Safety Valves, Control Valves, Check Valves, Auto Recirculation Valve, Parallel Slide Valves, Boiler Feed Pump valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Spray Valves, Ball Valves upto 72inch and 10.000PSI to clients specifications and requirement.

In other words, FLUIDCHEM offers a comprehensive range of service specializing in the field of industrial valves for Nuclear Power Stations, Thermal Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Petrochemical Refineries, Steel Plants, Sugar Mills, Pulp and Paper Units, Cement Factories, Shipping Industry and more.

We at FLUIDCHEM also repair valves at our factory when certain valves cannot be repaired on-line, thus, reducing the customer's overhead cost and headache. We have a separate working area of 3500sq ft with proper machinery and equipment to repair and test valves upto 42inch and 10,000 PSI. We guarantee our workmanship against any third party inspection.

We Offer The Following Services:

Annual Rate Contracts for all types of Valves.
Routine repair and maintenance of valves during outages / turnarounds.
In-Situ Valves Repairing & Testing during Annual Turn Around.
Shut down and emergency valves maintenance.
Workshop repair and testing.
In-Situ Lapping of high pressure valves using FLUIDCHEM make In-Situ Lapping Machines.
Remanufacturing valve trim parts such as spindles, valve body seats, wedges/discs, and plug and seat rings.

What Makes Us Better Than Others?

More than 18 years of experience in Industrial Valve repairing across pan India.
More than 35 years of experience in manufacturing and designing In-Situ Valve Lapping Machines and other valve maintenance equipment.
We have complete range of In-Situ Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines (multiple machines covering size range ½” to 64”) in ready stock at all times for immediate mobilization during emergency shutdowns.
Good range of Portable Pipe Bevelling Machine, Flange Facing Machines and other equipment (if required at site).
Experienced workforce of more than 150+ people.
We repair severe service valves to OEM standards to ensure your valves are long-lasting and safe.

We Meet Any Challenge

At FLUIDCHEM, you can expect to partner with a company that has highly trained technical experts capable of providing quality solutions for any unique, challenging application. FLUIDCHEM'S technicians utilize OEM parts and industry standards along with superior craftsmanship to rebuild valves that meet the most rigorous industry criteria. This commitment to excellence provides you with a cost-effective means of keeping maintenance and repair costs down and turnaround time short. Our goal is to provide cost-saving repairs to help industrial facilities avoid the high costs and downtime associated with valve replacement.

We Repair All Types of Valves:

FLUIDCHEM repairs and reconditions almost any size, type and make of valve, in-situ, on-site, at our factory and on budget.
Gate / Globe / Swing Check Valves
Ball Valves / Butterfly Valves / Forged Steel Valves
Knife Gate Valves / Plug Valves
Safety Valves / Control Valves
Turbine and Boiler Valves
Automatic Recirculation Valve (ARC)
Switch Type Coker Ball Valves (4 Way)
HP and LP Bypass Valves
Boiler Feed Pump Valves
Boiler Outlet Valves
Drum Safety Valves
Cryogenic Valves
All other valves not mentioned above