Silicon Carbide Lapping Paste

FLUIDCHEM’s Silicon Carbide Lapping Compound is a oil mix abrasive for smoothing, lapping and finishing of metal surfaces and for the precision mating of metal parts. It produces a smooth, flat surface and leaves a rust preventing film.

Silicon Carbide Properties

Low density
High strength
Low thermal expansion
High thermal conductivity
High hardness
High elastic modulus
Excellent thermal shock resistance
Superior chemical inertness


Ideal for cleaning, lapping, grinding, sharpening, honing and polishing.
To remove burrs, surface defects, carbon and corrosion.
For lapping and grinding on valve seats.
Used in the assembly, repair and maintenance of engine and drive train of motorized vehicles.
Used on fixed and moving turbine components, Suction box covers, Seals, bearings.
Used in the repair and maintenance of heat exchangers and also semiconductor process equipment.

Grit Available:

Extra Coarse




Available in Sealed Plastic Jars in Standard Packings of 400gms.

Minimum Order Quantity:

12 Packs of 400gms of any one grit type.


Green / Black Silicon Carbide Powder is also available in a packing of 1kg, 5kg, 25kg.