Diamond Lapping Paste

Diamond Lapping Paste manufactured by FLUIDCHEM complies with global quality norms and parameters, and are safely used to lap the most difficult to cut materials. Formulated using premium grade raw materials and best-of-breed processing technology, our Diamond Lapping Paste can be employed on a wide variety of industrial applications.

At FLUIDCHEM, we maintain ready stock of the highest quality Diamond Lapping Paste in different grades. It is extensively demanded by manufacturers of mechanical seals, bearing seats, valve seats, tungsten carbide dies, contact lens moulds and other similar industries (See below table) where a high degree of polish is required. Our diamond lapping paste can be made available in super fine, fine, medium and rough pastes and is packed in a handy 5gm syringe that makes dispensing of the diamond compound easy and hassle free.

All Diamond Lapping Compounds delivered from our end are tested on several quality parameters prior to the dispatch and can be availed at highly competitive rates.

Colour Code

The diamond grain size of any particular paste can be instantly determined by its colour. This is further facilitated by the paste being supplied in translucent syringes. A list of these colours as they relate to the varying grades is given in our brochure as well as in the table below.

General Usage Hints

It is important to note that in many cases it is necessary to use two or three grades of FLUIDCHEM Lapping Paste where the starting surface and that which is finally desired is a appreciably different. Use the paste as sparingly as possible. Initially apply just sufficient thinner to spread the paste over the working surface and then subsequently as much as is required to maintain lubrication.

Correct Choice Of Compound Concentration

Use standard concentration of FLUIDCHEM diamond compounds for hardened steel, mild steel and chrome Plate.
Use high concentration for tungsten carbide and other hard materials.

A Rule Of Thumb For Compound Selection

Use high Concentration of compound on materials over Rockwell C 50, and standard Concentration under Rockwell C 50.

Hints For Lapping

Clean equipment and area are of utmost importance for fine surface finish.
It is essential to thoroughly clean work surface completely before proceeding from coarser compound grade to a fine grade.
Laps must never be inter-changed between different grades. Use separate laps for each grade of compound.
Successive operations for finishing with different grades should always cross cut previous polishing lines.
Use FLUIDCHEM compound sparingly. Excessive amounts do not increase efficiency.

Classification Micron Code No Colour Code Guide for recommended use
For Operations requiring precise finishes and tolerances Super Fine
D-1 Blue Metallographic finish on steel and very high finish on steel and hard metals.
D-2 Blue
Final finishing grades for moulds, dies, seals, flat lapping and production lapping Fine Polish
Medium Polish
D-3, D-4 Green Mirror Polish and high finish on tungsten carbide, finest polish on sapphire, ruby, steel
D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8 Yellow Mirror Polis on steel, Tungsten Carbide and Diamond
D-10, D-14 Orange Removal of working scratches on steel and pre-polishing of steel and soft metals. Medium Polish on Tungsten Carbide, pre-polishing on Sapphire and ruby.
Grade for pre-finishing hard metallic and non metallic materials, tungsten carbide, ceramics etc Medium Cutting D-15, D-20, D-25 Pink Rapid Stock removal with better finish on steel and Tungsten Carbide
D-30, D-40 Brown Uniform stock removal on steel, Generation of uniform surface and medium cutting on Tungsten Carbide
Maximum stock removal for hogging and rigging operations in extremely hard materials Rough Cutting D-50, D-60 Red Fast Stock removal on Tungsten Carbide and any hard metal and enlarging the bore of drawing dies.
D-80, D-100 Black For Speedy cutting on Tungsten Carbide and Steel and any metal.

Diamond Compound is available in standard & high concentration in 5 gm syringe packing in oil & water soluble.