Boron Carbide Lapping Paste

FLUIDCHEM’s Boron Carbide Pastes are general-purpose abrasives and lapping agents. The high material-removal rates and the surface qualities that can be achieved permit cost-effective lapping and fine grinding of precision parts of all kinds from a diverse range of materials. This is the result of the extreme hardness of boron carbide.


Short machining times thanks to high material-removal rates
High surface quality thanks to the narrow grain-size distribution
Heat resistance up to 350°C
Uniform grinding even at high temperatures
Low environmental impact


Wire drawing Industry: Polishing of...

Drawing dies.
Wire guides.

Thermal Power Stations: Re-lapping of...

Main steam stop valves for Boilers.
Main steam stop valves for Super heaters.
Safety valves for Boilers.
Control valves (Globe valves) for Boilers.
High pressure control valves for Turbines.
Mechanical seals.
Seal runners of mechanical seals.

Sugar Industry: Re-lapping of...

Mechanical seals of pumps.
Compressor valve plates.
Steam stop valves for Boilers and Super heaters.

Automobile Industry: Lapping and super finishing of...

Tappet valves.
Transmission gears.
Fuel Injection nozzles.
Cylinder head liners.
Transmission cage body, gearbox body etc.

Lapping and Finishing of...

Carbide tipped tools, wire drawing dies, file cutting chisels, punching tools, cutters and reamers.
Castings, hardened metal surfaces, optical lenses, natural and synthetic gemstones, ceramics, eyeglasses etc.
Valves, valve seats, piston rings, cylinder heads, liners and bores, ball bearings, hardened facings, press moulds, dies and punches etc.

Grit Boron Carbide
Extra Coarse ME 80
ME 100
Coarse ME 150
ME 180
ME 220
Medium ME 280
ME 400
ME 600
Fine ME 800
ME 1000


Powder / Paste


Available in Sealed Plastic Jars in Standard Packings of 100gms, 250gms, 500gms and 1000gms.